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Rules: Michael Jackson Forum

Thank you for taking the time to read our Website and Forum Rules. This is your unbroken contract with us and in the event of a problem or issue we will always consult what is on this page. However as always, we reserve the right to take action either way depending on the severity of the infraction. If you have a question or concern regarding what's here, feel free to Contact Us.

By using michaeljacksonforum.com you agree to adhere to the terms below. If you do not, it may result in your account suspension and ban.


All users are permitted only one account. Never share your password with ANYONE. If you connect to michaeljacksonforum.com in a public place, always remember to click LOGOUT or the next time someone visits this site they can post as you since cookies are set and you will already be logged in!


Spamming is usually considered unsolicited e-mail, often of a commercial nature, sent indiscriminately to multiple mailing lists, individuals, or newsgroups; junk e-mail. Since we are a community, spam also refers to the use and abuse of our private message system. Spamming also includes advertising or 'plugging' your site in the forum when unnecessary. Your failure to follow this rule is punishable without notice at michaeljacksonforum.com's owners discretion and steps taken against you may include suspension.

Verbal Abuse (Flaming):

We don't tolerate flaming or senseless user battles. If you have to argue, take it to PM. DO NOT continue flame wars in a thread. And, if at all possible, try not to do it all together. This is a community. You will act with respect towards your fellow members.


Because many people consider certain words as offensive, profanity in a stronger degree is not permitted. Although we have our censor on to filter out select words, there's always words and ways to get through the system, so we ask to not use profanity while being an active member of our community.

Sexually Explicit Material:

This site does not tolerate sexually explicit material, including pictures or text of a pornographic nature. We do not mind subtle innuendo, and more general humorous material but nothing beyond that. This website is PG-13, and we'd like to keep it that way.

Copyrighted Material:

Never take credit for someone else's work or leave the chance that something you've posted could have been read as being property of yours. We do not tolerate ripping at all and caught ripping will result in an immediate and permanent ban.

Off-Topic Posting:

More or less this is just a pet peeve that can become tedious when abused. Try to stay on topic within posts. There's nothing worse than opening a thread with an interesting title and reading a plethora of posts that have nothing to do with it. If you must, use the Off-Topic Forum. Deliberate thread hijacking or trashing will not be tolerated.

Questionable Material:

This is anything and everything that has not been covered here. Think twice before posting something that you are not sure belongs here. Such items as pornography and warez are good examples. They aren't permitted.

Idle Membership:

If you remain inactive for a prolonged amount of time after registration, say, your post count remains as zero from the date of registration for months at a time, your account is subject to suspension and/or termination. This is due to a small minority of members who sign up only to view the rest of the graphical appearance that only members can see, or those who just never returned for whatever reason.


Links to personal web sites (whether it is your site or someone else's), other forum sites, etc. cannot be posted within your messages anywhere on these forums. Don't try to 'plug' your site! (Michael Jackson related Webmasters, Contact Us for a reciprocal links exchange) Other links of interest that contribute to the forum or thread, are however tolerated. An example of tolerated links would be when posting an excerpt from a news story or some other article and giving attribution with a link. All other personal or "check this site out" type messages can only be placed in the signature line and/or your custom user text at this time, and even then, only within reason. (Blatant commercial advertising attempts will not be tolerated - Contact Us for advertising rates). Your website can of course also be available via the "Homepage" link (do this in your profile) on all your posts. Creating topics saying "Hey, check this site out" will be promptly removed, and you may lose your access privileges.

Thank you for adhering to these terms. Have fun!

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