Improve renewable bio fuel production

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Improve renewable bio fuel production

Postby GROVER21 » Jun 18, 2010 4:49 am

A research team from one of the leading universities in Arizona has found out a process to speed up the production and reduce the cost of producing renewable bio fuels. The team successfully developed a photosynthetic microbe which helps in extracting bio-fuels easily and cost effectively.

The costly part of a bio fuel production is the harvesting of goodies and the process to turn them in to fuel. This new system doesn’t require energy dependent chemical process. It is basically a ‘green recovery of materials’.

Researchers were looking out for options to optimize cyanobacteria, the photosynthetic microbe, for creating a lucrative way to produce renewable bio fuels. These microbes can be genetically manipulated, and used effectively in the production and transportation of bio fuels.

Until now scientists had to use costly methods for the process of harvesting fats from microbes. But now researchers have developed a simple and cost effective process for this. The project has been highly appreciated by a lot of researchers around the world.

Researches similar to this would help in the wise use of traditional energy resources. Simultaneously research can be done to find out lucrative options in renewable energy resources. Energy research companies have been continuously conducting researches basically in wind, solar and tidal energy sectors to find out lucrative energy extracting options to replace traditional energy resources. Among these renewable energy sources solar energy sector has been undergoing a lot of advancements these days. Many newer technologies have been developed in solar energy sector to make a wise use of the immense solar energy resource.

Read and know more about renewable energy news, especially Solar Energy News to know about the latest researches going on in the renewable energy sector.
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Postby FAST Enterprise [Crawler] » Jul 18, 2012 10:53 am

More and more research is most essential in power/energy field. Because world can't run without power, but now this power is destroying this beautiful world.
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