Why is Elvis and Princess Di's death tribute bigger than MJ?

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Why is Elvis and Princess Di's death tribute bigger than MJ?

Postby StarGlitter » Jun 29, 2009 12:58 pm

Why is Elvis's and Princess Diana's death tribute bigger than Michael Jackson's?

I am not playing a Who-Deserves-A Bigger-Tribute game but considering that Michael Jackson is One-of-a-Kind, created MUSIC HISTORY, is a LEGENDARY singer and performer and the MOST FAMOUS PERSON IN THE WORLD , THEN WHY is the tribute or memorial to Michael Jackson NOT AS BIG an event as Elvis Presley's or Princess Diana's ?

I know that people all over the world are doing MJ tributes but they are doing it ONLY in SMALL GROUPS –e.g. the the “moonwalking” group with less than 150 people in the UK, a gathering of about less than 150 people in Trafalgar Square, the 2hrs annual Black Entertainment Award ceremony that is paying tribute to Michael Jackson, inmates in the Philippines doing the “Thriller” dance, the small memorial groups and candlelight vigils in other parts of the world, radio airplay of MJ's songs all over the world, MTV specials on MJ.....no huge crowds of 1000 people or above AT ALL !!!! I know most people are just paying tribute online in twitter and facebook but that is not good enough. You have to physically pay tribute!

BBC news network said that there AREN’T HUGE CROWDS OR HUGE FLORAL TRIBUTES outside his Neverland Ranch and his house or in any parts of the world compared to Princes Diana's or Elvis's crowds when they died but only a SLOW STEADY FLOW OR TRICKLE OF PEOPLE outside the Neverland Rnach and MJ’s house.

I have watched all the news networks and read newspapers about MJ tributes all over the world and I agree with the BBC statement.

There should be MORE done as tribute to the GREATEST ENTERTAINER THAT HAS EVER LIVED. Why aren’t there HUGE MASS GATHERING TRIBUTES OF 1000 PEOPLE AND OVER for Michael Jackson at a stadium or square or park in Los Angeles and Times Square New York and San Francisco and other American cities AND IN OTHER CITIES WORLDWIDE????

Someone should coordinate a series of LARGE (around 1000 PEOPLE or more) TRIBUTE mass gatherings, candlelight vigils and street parades for Michael Jackson in cities all over the world!!!! Common people!! RALLY ON THE STREETS !!!
All i am saying is that MORE NEEDS TO BE DONE and all the tributes that have been done are just NOT ENOUGH!
I also believe that Michael Jackson should have a public funeral where his body in a coffin should be transported around the city of Los Angeles like in those public funeral memorial parades or even carried across the USA and other countries as a tribute so that fans can see him for the last time. Or maybe they could embalm Michael Jackson and set his body on display in a transparent coffin and place his body in a museum for fans to pay their respect. People should at least ERECT A STATUE of him somewhere in Los Angeles or somewhere in the USA.

Common people!! RALLY ON THE STREETS !!! Spread the word and try to set a time and place for MASSIVE mass gatherings or candlelight vigils OF 1000 people or more! Write to the mayor of Los Angeles or some authorities or the American Music Association to try to set up something major as a tribute to Michael Jackson!

PLEASE DON'T REPLY TO THIS TOPIC IF YOU ARE GOING TO MENTION ANYTHING NEGATIVE ABOUT MICHAEL JACKSON E.G. THE CHILD MOLESTATION CASE. And please don't say "not everybody thinks he is great". This thread is for people who thinks he is one of the greatest entertainers that ever lived.
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