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Postby berlin_fan » Jun 27, 2009 3:38 am

How can anyone say they hate Michael Jackson. Sure, MJ was more than a little messed up, but he was a kind soul, with a God given ability to entertain.
Did I love MJ...no I love my family and my dog...especially my dog...but did I admire MJ...absolutely....what a talent. His talent more than compensated for his personal flaws and demons. And let's be honest here. Whose business is it to judge an individual in such a cruel way. In the way that MJ was cruelly judged by so many over the years.
And if you don't like his music or don't respect his values (although how you would really know what they were is a mystery to me), can you really use the hate word. I think not. You didn't know him as a person.
I believe we need to appreciate MJ was a person with a family. He will be mourned by his family...mourned in a way the rest of us cannot relate to. For them, his death is a personal tragedy.
My sympathies to his family.
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Postby Artistica » Jun 27, 2009 3:48 am

Michael Jackson was a ray of light in a dark world.... Its a pitty some people are too deep in the darkness to see any light at all.

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Postby B3bit@ » Jun 27, 2009 4:33 am

he has dedicated his life to us..the fans ...he never got peace until now....everybody wanted to get money and use him...I think he felt really alone in the world..and nobody trully understood him...and so when he got to the staige he transformed all that sadness into good energy and he offered his soul to us ....he trully cared of people and world...it is an honor that I lived in this times with him ...love you michael jackson the king of pop ,we will never forget you :'-(
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