Anyone else finding it very hard to deal with?

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Anyone else finding it very hard to deal with?

Postby staceylikeee » Jul 06, 2009 2:16 pm

At the risk of sounding like those suicidal people we've been hearing about on the news, I've dealt with the news of his death badly, it doesn't seem real, it doesn't seem's like he died without getting the peace of mind he deserved, and now he's gone theres all sorts of people crawling out of the word work to slate him, when he isn't here to defend himself? I heard Jordy Chandler issued a statement to say he'd lied about the molestation issues, which made me feel both relieved and angry, thinking why couldn't he have done this years ago, and maybe all this could have been avoided? then I hear the statement is false, which saddens me even more.
I cry everyday, listening to his music, watching what a talented, amazing, incomparable entertainer he was, thinking of how hard his life must have been and how misunderstood he was by most people, except his fans of course.
I think of watching his videos over and over on a tape I recorded when I was god knows how old, and how my sister used to come in my room when I was little and say 'Stacey! Michaels been killed in a car crash!' and she'd laugh at how I'd cry everytime thinking it could be true.
I hate how everybody has an opinion on him, mostly ignorant and thoughtless, and feel the need to tell everyone how they thought he was insane, they thought he was wierd, and my god what did he do to his face? Surely that alone shows how mentally unstable and evil he was? Why don't people look behind the surgery and think what kind of undealt with issues could make someone want to do this to themselves? He must have had it rough...
No one seems to understand why I am so sad about the whole thing :-/
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Postby Justnietje » Jul 06, 2009 6:30 pm

I so understand what u mean.. it's very hard to deal with knowing he is not coming back anymore. I would have never thought i could be hurt so bad like how i am hurting now.. i've lost so many people in my life during the last 8-10 years and losing Michael feels like losing a familiy member, it hurts so bad that i have to cry every day, and no one seems to understand my pain, cause they all tell me "he didn't live next to you, you did not meet him, you did not know him, you weren't his friend" all those words just hurt so bad..

Michael was a person that could show the fans by just looking at them that he really loved us with all his heart. If i would meet him and tell him 'I Love you' i would get back 'I Love you more' cause that's who he was. It's really not cool how people still treat him like a piece of sh!t.. i just don't understand why they always have to look at the outside, and do not take a second to look who he really was... the outside tell's nothing from the inside, you can wear a mask and still not show who you really are.

The paparazzi comes up with story's and sad enough a lot of idiots rather believe a piece of paper then believe a human being that made his point very clear. I have been thinking last days about his life, how he must have felt these last years.. i think he felt very alone, even though he had his beautifull 3 children. How can the human being on earth treat another human being so badly like how Michael has been treated.. When i look at interviews and see Mike telling about his childhood, it just makes me cry.

There are so many things that are coming up in my mind that i just can't place and i can't seem to get over it... i miss him so much. I wish i could wake up from this horrible nightmare and just see him again... laughing, playing with his kids, having fun.. playing with the water balloons and the supersoakers he loved that much. The world will never be the same anymore without MJ.. I keep thinking in my mind: "one day we will meet again, and i will hug you until forever!"... I'm heartbroken. I could go on and on talking about this..
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Postby Martine » Jul 27, 2009 4:42 am

I think it's hard to deal with too. Some people have been badly affected by his passing. If Michael had a calling, to "heal" the world, then perhaps it is those who are also sensitive that are suffering so much in his absence, because instinctively we know he put his heart on the line. He was one of the very few people in this world that could do that.

You say he didn't live next to you Just (above poster / person), yet he must have lived close to you for you to feel this way. He lived next to you spiritually.

I think we are sad because instinctively we know our true leader is gone and i for one, feel lost. We need to find out way out of this because Michael wouldn't want us doing anything silly...
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