To the haters....with disgust

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To the haters....with disgust

Postby Luney » Jul 07, 2009 6:22 pm

To those of you who took Michael's death as a way to make profit.. SHAME ON YOU. To those of you who don't believe that Michael was a King, Legend, Icon and everything that he brought to Motown, and everyone who has danced, sang, and just felt like you knew him personally, and still find a reason to find fault DOUBLE SHAME ON YOU. This was a man that gave his heart and soul to everything he did. I don't live in America but i do believe in the American Constitution where it says you are innocent till proven guilty. WHAT DONT YOU GET BOUT HE WAS NOT FOUND GUILTY!!!!!!! This world is full of haters and the bashers that try to profit out of a free event. (lol where i lived them people got kicked off the sites HAHAHA!!!!) When you haters all go sleep tonight .... just think.... its not up to you to judge cuz you to my friend will meet your maker and im sure at this day Tuesday July 7th 2009 at 9 :21 pm "The King Of Pop" will be teaching God the moonwalk!

Peace be with you Michael
Live, Love, Live Longer
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