Question about Diprivan

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Question about Diprivan

Postby Pugmom » Jul 23, 2009 8:03 am

Hi, all. MJ fan here from 70's - 90's. I stopped following him when things started getting weird. A big part of that was the whole child molestation thing - and it wasn't because I believed one way or another, it was just that I knew he was a kind, giving, child-like person with a lot of money and I saw people out to take advantage of that and frankly, it just ticked me off because that factor played into it.

Looking back on it all, hindsight being 20/20 and all, I learned about his narcotic addition and his abusive childhood and it all falls into place - his constant need to change his appearance because he didn't like who he was. It's almost always the reason addictions starts. He was finally free of that terrible childhood was he was high. He was free of all the rantings of the press and all the stress of being famous. It gave him an out. It is so sad he didn't get help.

Anyway, my Diprivan question - it was dispensed by a doctor - a cardiologist, right? In my 20 plus years in the medical field, never ever have I heard of it being used for anything other than putting a patient to sleep for surgery (other forms of propofol are used for pain management, but not Diprivan itself). If sleep was the issue, there are so many sleep medications out there. If pain was the issue, there are so many pain medications out there, including Propofol (used in patches). So what was a doctor, other than an anesthesiologist or nurse anesthetist doing with Diprivan? Narcotic abuse can weaken your heart. It could very well be that he gave MJ the usual amount and his heart just gave out but again, I have to ask why he was in posession of such a highly controlled substance that really only should be in a hospital under lock and key? If it is determined that he was the specialist using this particular narcotic, he should not only lose his license, he should be jailed (general population) for many years with a huge fine.

Anyone know if I have my facts wrong?

Thanks in advance!
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