Thought of Princess Diana's Children reaching out to MJ's

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Thought of Princess Diana's Children reaching out to MJ's

Postby Mugsysam » Jul 23, 2009 4:26 pm

Hello everyone...

I am so glad that I found this forum to talk with other fans about Michael. Not just about his passing, but about all the wonderful things he accomplished in his life. As tragically short as it was.....

I am on another board too that is great and also posted this thought there. I thought I would copy it and post it here too. I hope none of you mind. To me this is a nice thought, and I wanted to see what you guys thought too. Thank you in advance for reading!

But this is what this post is about. During the Memorial Service when I saw Michael's Children the first thing I automatically thought of was the image of Prince William and Prince Harry walking behind their mother's Casket during the procession through the streets of London on the way to the Funeral Service. When I saw Blanket clutching the Michael Jackson doll, I then right away thought of the bouquet of flowers that were on Diana's casket that had a card on it that said "Mummy" from Prince Harry. Then I thought of the times Michael had talked about his relationship with Diana while she was alive in interviews in the years after she died. How they called each other all hours of the night to talk and lean on each other. They were probably the two most hunted people in the world by the Paparazzi. They really could relate to each other about what they had to go through on a daily basis. Much more than anyone else could ever understand.

People knew that Michael and Diana had met, but not until after her death did we find out the depth of their friendship. They kept that between them. Michael himself in talking about Diana would not divulge too much of their friendship and times together. Meaning that neither of them used the other for publicity. Their friendship was a true friendship. I am sure that they helped each other so many times too....

Getting back to their children now...

So in the time after Diana's death I remember wondering how William and Harry would turn out without their Mom in their lives. Would they rebel? Would they forget all she taught them about doing good in the world and doing good for other people? Forget about being selfless and caring like she was?

Well as I am sure you can all agree there was no need to worry. What truly remarkable men they both turned out to be. They may have had a few hic ups along the way, but nothing to actually call a disaster.

One of the best stories I can think of about William and Harry showing just how much they did take from their Mum was not the countless charities they have attended and helped since her death, or even the concert they threw for her last year. All those are great examples of them acting just like their Mum, but this is the one that truly makes me really think they took everything she taught them and forgot nothing-

William and Harry were driving together one day and saw a young woman with a flat tire or something pulled over on the side of the road. It was getting late too and she was alone. They both hopped out of their car, and changed the woman's flat tire. There was no press around to take a picture or report this. They did it because they are just good human beings. They did a good thing because it's in their nature to do so. And they don't need the accolades in the press to do a good thing. It only became public knowledge because the woman herself told the press and William and Harry confirmed it. I can only wonder how many other countless good things the two of them have done that no one knows about.....

So having said all that, this is what got me to thinking in the last few days.

It would not surprise me in the least to find out at some point that since Michael died Prince William and Prince Harry reached out to Michael's three young children Prince, Paris and Blanket. Think about it....would it surprise you? And I bet if they did, they probably did it in private. Not wanting to make what is already becoming a spectacle in a lot of ways (the cast of characters coming forward saying this and that about Michael and the kids and everything else) have even more press, they did it so no one would know. Doing it truly for the kids, not to make themselves look good in the press for doing so.

Comforting them because they TRULY know what those kids are going through, and what they are going to go through. Comforting them much the same way their parents comforted each other many times in the years after they first met. Would not surprise me at all....Those are Diana's boys remember....

And then someday years from now when Prince Paris and Blanket are amazing adults because of their Dad's direction when he was here, just like William and Harry with Diana, maybe they will reach out in private to another set of children of someone famous who has passed away. Keeping this legacy of compassion that Diana and Michael had for people going.......

That is a Legacy.....

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