i can't believe yesterday marked 7 months.

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i can't believe yesterday marked 7 months.

Postby xMJJxForeverx » Jan 26, 2010 11:51 am

7 months ago yesterday this artistic, musical genius and devoted father and amazing, genuine, caring, beautiful person inside and out passed away. He was so close to being ready to perform his comeback concerts called This Is It which undoubtedly would have been the greatest performances in HIStory. 7 months later a part of me still feels like this is just a horrible nightmare and some day I will wake up and he will be touring the world which is what he wanted to do after the 50 concerts in London. I learned at the Best Buy This Is It Release Event last night in Union Square in Manhattan, NY from the director, Kenny Ortega who was there that after this world tour which MJ said would be the end of his on stage career, he was going to go into film making. Hearing that he would’ve toured the world and made films broke my heart even more because his life was truly unfinished. I still cry over his death and am trying to hold back the tears while writing this. When I first heard about his death I was in disbelief and then shock. It took a bit for the sadness factor to kick in. I don’t think I really cried till I watched the memorial. It was overwhelming seeing his friends, people who were inspired by and looked up to him, family; especially his kids talk about him. It made me realize more than ever how much everyone loved him and what a great loss this was. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to accept the fact that he’s physically gone. However, spiritually, through his music and in our hearts he is very much alive. I wish this was enough but the fact that he’s not physically here is too hard to handle.
“It’s all for love. L-O-V-E” –Michael Joseph Jackson.
Rest in Peace, King of Pop… of music in general… and dancing… and love.
If anyone ever wants to talk about him, please message me. I need someone to talk to and I’m sure there are a lot of you who still feel the need to talk about him too. Together we can keep his memory alive and try to help each other feel better and all become one family with this great thing in common, our love for Michael.
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Postby BillieJean » Jan 27, 2010 4:13 pm

i still can't believe he is gone either, it's like a dream, like i'll wake up and he'll be with us again

like you said, he is still with us spiritually through his music etc

i think about him everyday and always will
<3<3 i love you more Mike <3<3

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