Interview Wieser former Manager of Michael Jackson part 1-3

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Interview Wieser former Manager of Michael Jackson part 1-3

Postby Eva » Oct 22, 2011 1:02 pm

"" I have to stress that 'death' was NEVER an issue for Michael...In any case, HE would have liked to see a part of Neverland open for the public. But whatever the arrangement would have been, HE would have liked to see the kids having 100% benefit out of that and no one else. The problem with Neverland is..the county had squandered all their money by pursuing and suing Michael. They now have to alter the infastructure completely. Broader roads to Neverland etc. But there’s no money left anymore. And Michael Was Always Liked Very Much by HIS neighbours. The first time I had been on Neverland, it was A Wonderful Experience. Michael was Very, Very Kind and Absolutely down to earth! Simply A Hospitable, NICE MAN. Little Paris wanted to shake my hand and Michael looked at both of us and said: *We Don't shake hands in this family..WE HUG!* All of this was Very Important For Michael. HE Treated Everyone With Incredibly Much Respect and Affection. HE Really Listened to the people and Always Welcomed them this way: (Weisner clasped his hands in front of his face and imitates the welcome gesture of some far east countries). HE Was Very, Very HUMBLE.. HE Always Highly Respected HIS employess, no matter whether security, cleaning ladies or gardeners. And they Respected HIM the same way back. They Appreciated HIM Very Much. They always called HIM "The Boss" or "Mr. Jackson" When they Talked ABOUT HIM...""
~Dieter Weisner_Michael Jackson’s former manager_Interview Part 1

MICHAEL was NO weirdo!..HE WAS A Highly INTELLIGENT And Had An EYE On Everything...HE would have given few concerts once in a while.. for example at the Pyramids. This was something HE Always Wanted To Do. But Only Single Concerts and Always something huge and Never seen before. But by NO means..HE would like to go on tour anymore. Touring was simply too much for HIM. As Much as HE Loved the Stage, as little HE loved to go on tour...Michael also Planned A Project Called “Pinocchio 3000”..
...I Have Spent Time With Michael and I got to know HIM..I Cannot see any truth in all those allegations. HE Was AN ARTIST who had been Misunderstood by so many people. And as we all now can see..HE was taken advantage of by as many of them...""
~Dieter Weisner_Michael Jackson’s former manager_Interview Part 2~

"" MICHAEL..Was Fully Devastated AFTER the trial..HE had to recover and this took very much time. You may not forget How Exhausted HE Was. Physically..IN HIS SOUL..Mentally_the batteries were just Empty...HE Needed time for Himself..HE Was A PROUD MAN With Much Dignity and Decency...After we got certainty that HE will be prosecuted..HE was totally down to the ground at first. HE was left in disbelief that they would do This TO HIM.. But After this time of depression..HE Actually took a grip ON Himself and HE Changed HIS Attitude. HE Again BECAME The Fighter and HE Was Prepared to attack the whole matter. But Despite All Of This It Was An Incredibly HARD Time for HIM.. If HE wouldn’t have had HIS would have been almost impossible for HIM to find a further meaning of life. If HE felt bad and down we cheered HIM Up with fan Gifts and Letters. And HE Loved it From HIS VERY HEART...First and foremost the paintings. NOT Only in those HARD Times..But Always. No matter where we’ve been_if fans were around and HE saw drawings and paintings..HE Always said: ‘Get ME the pictures, get ME those pictures!. (The fans meant) everything FOR HIM.. They were HIS Family. They were HIS Crutch and they Gave HIM Strength. More than any other thing. And HE Loved them above all things for that. And HE Told this TO HIS Children Too. Every Time..In Any Place where we stayed in hotels etc. HE Showed HIS Fans TO HIS Kids and Explained to them..WHAT The Fans Mean TO HIM..and HOW Much They LOVE HIM...HIS Family..were there and it was good that way. But Michael’s Strength and Comfort Came Clearly From the fans. HE LOVED them Beyond Words. I mean..HE Respected HIS siblings and parents and Loved them. HE Always Cared for their well-being and that they wouldn’t miss anything. But this Closeness and Love – it came rather from the fans. Always..When HE Said that HE LOVES them and ‘I LOVE YOU MORE'..then It Was The Simple TRUTH..Michael Was Very Disappointed About how most of HIS famous friends ABANDONED HIM..We did contact some of those people who were known to HIM at that time. We would like to ask them for public statements to SUPPORT MICHAEL ..But the most of them Did NOT CARE About It..THE SIMPLE TRUTH..HE WAS ALL ALONE...""
~Dieter Weisner_Michael Jackson’s former manager_Interview Part 3~
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