Michael Jackson words of divinity

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Michael Jackson words of divinity

Postby Eva » Oct 22, 2011 5:41 pm

♥ I’ve NEVER Even touched heroin or any drugs like that. I’ve NEVER Even smoked pot. NEVER In My Honest-to-God life. I’m Telling you TheTRUTH. I’ve NEVER tried it..and I Don’t want to try it. I’ve been offered..well..anyway..I’ve NEVER tried any of these things. I’m NOT interested in it. I’m HAPPY The Way I AM... If I Want To Feel Free With My Mind..I’ll Go For A Walk Along The Beach..Read A Beautiful Book Or Write A Song. Or Spend Time With Children.. Which I LOVE To Do…♥

♥ Good Humor..Humility..And Kindness. That’s Very Important. There are only certain people We Let Come Past Our Gate. It depends on what kind of human being the person Is. Who
You Let Inside Your House Is Very Important… ♥

„I say you schould blanket me or you should blanket her . Meaning lika a blanket it`sd a blessing
It`s a way of showing love and caring

I`m a gentleman, call me old fashioned if you want

Love is the human family`s most prechias Legacy.. s richest bequest , its golden inheritance..
It‎" I Can’t Take Credit For It Because Its Gods WORK...
‎" To ME..Ballads Are SPECIAL..Because you can have a pop song that’ll be
know for three weeks and then you’ll hear nothing else about it. Nobody else
will record it and it’ll just be gone.
But If you Do A GOOD Ballad..It’ll BE In The World FOREVER..."
" MUSIC Is A Very Important And Powerful Substance and All The Planets
in the Universe Make MUSIC. It’s Called MUSIC Of The Spheres.
They all Make A Different Note; They Make HARMONY. So there’s Harmony Even In The Universe As we Speak..."
~Michael Jackson~

“The most powerful thing in the world is the human mind, and prayer, belief in yourself, and confidence. Always believe in yourself, and no matter who’s around you that’s being negative, or thrusting negative energy at you, totally block it off; because whatever you believe you become.”
~Michael Jackson~
"I want to tell the children of the world, you are all our children, each one of you is my child and I love you all."
~Michael Jackson
"To be loved is a wonderful thing. That is the main reason I do this. I feel compelled to do it, to give people some sense of escapism, a treat to the eye and the ear. I think it’s the reason I’m here."
~Michael Jackson~
~Michael Jackson~

" I Don't know if people are making things up or if they've Been PAID To Say Things..to give interviews__(Mr. Nordahl Was Offered Many PAID Interviews..Which He DECLINED)__They wanted to do the interview...As long as what I talked about was what they wanted to talk about. So..there was A Lot Of Money Floating Around. Like Star Magazine was traveling around with briefcases Full Of Cash...
...I NEVER saw MICHAEL with the effects of doing any kinds of drug Or alcohol Or anything like that..and I Saw HIM All Different Times Of The Day. Early In The Morning.. Late At Night..All During The Day. HE WAS ALWAYS TOTALLY NORMAL..TOTALLY There..There's SO Much Misinformation About MICHAEL..Except For Anything I Know personally..I Just Don't trust it. People are so willing to..I Guess To GET On TV. I don't know what it is..but they're Just So Willing To Offer Information (lies)..It Used To Piss MICHAEL off because HE would say things like 'I saw an interview with My hairdresser and she's talking about ME and My hairdresser Doesn't know Anything About ME!'..HE KEPT HIMSELF REALLY Separated and I got to be REALLY Good Friends With HIM So We Talked about Just About Everything That Was Possible..but for most people..MICHAEL did NOT do that..just out of Fear of people turning around and talking with someone else about it. PRIVATE Things. I NEVER did. I NEVER gave into those interviews or anything during that time. HE felt Comfortable With me. HE Felt We Could Talk about things and I Wouldn't turn around and talk about things that We Were Talking About..to other people..."
~David Nordahl__American painter And Michael Jackson's Patronage and Friendship_(1988-2005)~

" NO..I've NEVER taken hormones to maintain MY High Voice !...
NO..I've NEVER had MY Cheekbones altered in any way !...
~Michael Jackson~

And when I saw them come out and start performing, I was blown away, frankly. They did a Smokey song called "Who's Loving You" — I'm not sure if it was at the first audition or some subsequent day. But When Michael SANG That Song — It's a VERY Passionate LOVE Song —HE SANG It Like HE HAD BEEN LIVING That SONG FOR 50 YEARS!!!.... I remember the other members had the instruments and the guitars and stuff, and they would sing a song and it'd be great and have great precision. And once the song was over, everybody would relax, and I remember Michael Staring at me to see what I was going to say, whether I liked it, whether I didn't. HE was very serious. HE was never out of focus with what I or other people around me were thinking and doing. "
~Berry Gordy~

~ " “The Reason WHY Michael Feels so Connected with children is Because when children see HIM..they see a Human Being...When adults see HIM they Just See MoneY. "
~Phil Collins~
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