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Michael Jackson Earth Angel

Postby Eva » Oct 28, 2011 6:45 pm

" HE WAS Just So Genuine and So Warm and So Caring. All Of The Time I Knew MICHAEL..Almost 20 Years..I NEVER EVER heard HIM Raise HIS VOICE At Anybody. NEVER happened. HE WAS Just Such A GOOD PERSON...Just A REALLY Deep-Down GOOD PERSON...MICHAEL SPENT A Third Of A Billion Dollars ON HELPING Children..PAYING For Surgeries..Building Hospital Wings..Orphanages A Burn Center And On And On And On. The Good Things HE DID HE Would NEVER Talk About Them. You'd Always Have To Hear It from people who Were Around HIM..Because MICHAEL Always Thought If You Did A Charitable Act And Then you talked about it or bragged about it or something..All Of The GOOD you're Trying to do..That It Negated All Of That. So HE NEVER Would talk About Those Things...I Asked HIM: 'Michael, How Can YOU Do That? How Can YOU SPEND The Time with these children who are dying and Then Go From That, ON STAGE and GIVE THAT KIND Of Performance?' HE said: 'How could I not? If these children Want To See ME. I Know I'm not important..But MICHAEL JACKSON The SUPERSTAR Is..And If I CAN MAKE A Child Live An Extra Minute..Or An Hour..Or A Day..Or A Month..Then wouldn't that be Worth It?'..MICHAEL Was ALWAYS That Way. If HE Would Get A Call From Somebody and A Child Was Dying..HE Would GET On A Plane and GO and HE would Tell them: 'I'm Going To Be Back in 2 Weeks To See You'.. and A Lot Of Times HE Extended Little Kids' Lives That Way. It gave them something to look forward to down the line. You HAVE TO ADMIRE Something Like That..."
~David Nordahl_American painter And Friend Of MICHAEL~
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