Michael wasn`t a drug dependant

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Michael wasn`t a drug dependant

Postby Eva » Nov 01, 2011 1:08 pm

"" The fans SHOULD KNOW ONE THING...MICHAEL Wasn’t a drug dependant. Sure..there were times when HE took PainKiller in the 90ties..And DURING THE TRIAL HE Also HAD To Take MEDICINE To SOOTHE HIS PAIN..But Those Were PAINKILLERS.. This _doctor_ had given to HIM A ANESTHETIC..This Is Absolutely Another Kind of story!..MICHAEL Wasn’t addicted to medicine_drugs. Of Course..the fans hear about it and they hear about it again. They hear it and they Forgive HIM Because they LOVE HIM..But There’s NOTHING To Forgive_As HE NEVER was that way! You SHOULD KNOW..there are some doctors_and I have some of their names in my mind_ they come to you and Say:__‘Oh..you don’t feel good? I have something for you and you feel better. There’s no big deal. You cannot sleep? Here, take this. You will sleep well. Sleep is important!’__You Must NOT FORGET WHAT THIS 'MAN' HAD Dealt With In HIS LIFE..HE WAS SUCH A SENSITIVE.. VULNERABLE And PROUD PERSON..And HE HAD BEEN HUMILIATED And RIDICULED From (sic) the Whole world. And AT THE END HE WAS ALL ALONE..NOBODY was there by HIS SIDE..THE BEST Person among us would get weak then...
In Any Case..It Is According To HIS WISH That HE WILL Obviously NOW Making History As A MUSICIAN And ENTERTAINER And NOT with the scandals...""
~Dieter Weisner_Michael Jackson’s former manager_Interview Part 7~
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