AEG Philips Thome and Dileo the whole greedy punch

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AEG Philips Thome and Dileo the whole greedy punch

Postby Eva » Nov 01, 2011 1:15 pm

"" There was almost NO One Around who didn’t work for AEG or the company which owns NEVERLAND...No matter who you are..You Cannot Bear It For A Long Time Under Such A PRESSURE And LONELINESS...Even two of HIS bodyguards were from the Nation (of Islam). There was a huge struggle needed By MICHAEL to make sure that they at least didn’t sleep any longer In HIS House..but in a caravan outside On HIS Property...When MICHAEL Lived in Las Vegas in 2007-2008..shortly before HE moved to Los Angeles..those times Were Very HARD For HIM...When HE Moved Out of Vegas..HE Had to pack HIS luggage On HIS Own...There Was NO ONE AROUND...And then there was the issue with the company which bought NEVERLAND. They brought to HIM this Tohme (Thome guy) and MICHAEL did NOT know that Thome worked for that company. He_well I say it like that_was MICHAEL’s advisor and told HIM to sell HIS Ranch to this company in order to prevent it vor (sic) compulsory auction. And after this had happened the connection to Philips (of AEG Live) came into existence and they told MICHAEL quite CLEAR: 'DO The Concerts OR The Ranch WILL BE GONE'................
MICHAEL WAS UPSET....HE Wanted To Say Goodbye With The 10 Concerts_As
HE Always Mentioned. But they (AEG Live) sold it as a comeback. It Wasn’t a comeback For WAS HIS Goodbye Regarding HIS Music Career. HE Was Only Prepared To Give Max. 10 Concerts And That’s It. The whole thing was insured. HE NEVER agreed to 50 concerts..So HE Would Have Performed ONLY The ORIGINAL Number Of Concerts..When HE Agreed To Do It..HE Wanted To MAKE It RIGHT. And HE REALLY WANTED To Show HIS Kids HOW It Feels WHEN HE PERFORMS ON STAGE. How the people REACT and So On. And HE Wanted To Say Goodbye To HIS Fans...""
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