Contract that never signed from Michael himself

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Contract that never signed from Michael himself

Postby Eva » Nov 01, 2011 1:23 pm

"“...(Was HE) ABLE (To DO The 50 This Is It Shows)? YES..HE WAS ABLE To Do It. But HE Didn’t want it. NO WAY...(Frank) DiLeo..MICHAEL Didn’t REALLY Talk with DiLeo. He JUST Appeared When he NOTICED That One CAN Earn MONEY AGAIN WITH MICHAEL.. He DID SIGN THIS Contract..Which he HAD NO Permission to do...(DiLeo SIGNED The Contract As MICHAEL'S manager..Although he Wasn’t MICHAE's manager And HAD NO Permission To Do so.When the concert promoter sued MICHAEL and DiLeo..the lawsuit Failed.) The concert promoter HAD NO Right to sue MICHAEL..Because HE HAD NOTHING to do with it. But they TRIED to get a little more out of the case by suing MICHAEL Too....I don’t know whether or not HE said (that HE Only Agreed To Do 10 Concerts)To The Fans. I wasn’t there. But it matches the situation How MICHAEL FELT About it. He was framed and taken advantage of. And at the end..they even isolated HIM from HIS fans. And this Was NOT Typical For MICHAEL...HE Always Took HIS Time. No Matter Where..No Matter When. The Fans WERE The Most IMPORTANT To HIM...HE WAS All ALONE...'"
~Dieter Weisner_Michael Jackson’s former manager_Interview Part 5~
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