Heal theworld, change the consciousness about children

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Heal theworld, change the consciousness about children

Postby Eva » Nov 01, 2011 2:03 pm


♥ Heal The World Organization Is Formulated To HEAL..REALLY..be it the children..The Ecology..people in general..and It’s a non-profit Organization and It’s Something I’ve ALWAYS WANTED To Do..It’s WHAT Inspired The Song *Heal The World*. Our Goal Is To CHANGE The World And CHANGE World Consciousness About Children..The Ecology And The Planet..To MAKE It A BETTER PLACE For Everybody..STARTING With The Children. That’s The FUTURE we LIVE..and I’ll Stick With It FOREVER UNTIL It’s DONE. *IT'S FOREVER*. It’s NOT a publicity stunt..it’s NOT something trying to use as a vehicle to launch a single or an album..IT'S SOMETHING That’s DIRECTLY FROM MY HEART..I’M Doing It As I Sincerely CARE And LOVE them and WANT To HELP Out. I REALLY Feel Bad For These Kids. I Guess you FEEL THE PAIN Just Hearing About The Things we see on television or on the radio..you know..the Statistics about the kids…I Mean..I’ve Heard About This Year.. 2,6 Million Children Die From Preventable Diseases And Millions Of Children Die From Child Abuse..Just Violence Which It Doesn’t have to be and I JUST FEEL SO BAD From Things Like That. You know..Sometime (sic) I Feel So Guilty When I Have Dinner Or Breakfast..BECAUSE I REALIZE How So Many People DON'T HAVE Those SIMPLE Things That We So Much Take For Granted. And people..they sit at the table and they pray and all that..Which Is Beautiful..BUT To DO SOMETHING Is The Thing..you know..You Have To ACT..So I Think IT'S IMPORTANT To HELP Out As Much As You CAN..If One Person Just HELPED ONE Child...JUST HELPED ONE CHILD…they’d Done So Much.You CAN DO THAT..It Would Be BEAUTIFUL..Just To HELP ONE Person Would Be A Lot..It’s A BIG STEP Forward..Because It’s A LOT TO BE DONE.. And Children All Over The World Are In Such NEED..I FEEL SO PURE When I CAN DO THIS.. I FEEL God Applauding..I REALLY DO.. I FEEL That I’ve Done WHAT I’M Supposed To DO And I’M Compelled To DO These Things I FEEL..And kids Are The Best..They Are Wonderful... ♥
~Michael Jackson_EARTH ANGEL
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Postby FAST Enterprise [Crawler] » Mar 03, 2012 9:14 am

Its a great step. I wish your success. All we should aware about this, in this world.
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