Michael Jacksons Vctory Tour

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Michael Jacksons Vctory Tour

Postby Eva » Nov 07, 2011 9:36 am

♥ We’re beginning Our tour tomorrow and I Wanted To Talk to you about Something Of Great Concern To ME. We’ve worked a long time to make this show The BEST it can be. But we know A Lot Of Kids Are Having Trouble Getting Tickets.
...The other day I Got a letter from a girl in Texas named Ladonna Jones. She’d been saving her money from odd jobs to buy a ticket..but with the current tour system..she’d have to buy four tickets and she couldn’t afford that. So..I’ve Asked our promoter to Work Out A New Way Of Distributing tickets..a way that NO longer requires a $120.00 money order.
...There has been a lot of talk about the promoter holding the money for tickets that didn’t sell. I’ve asked our promoter to end the mail order ticket system as soon as possible so that NO One will pay money Unless they Get a ticket.
...Finally..and MOST Importantly..There’s Something else I AM Going To Announce Today. I Wanted you to know THAT When I FIRST AGREED To Tour..I DECIDED To DONATE All The Money I MAKE From our Performances..To CHARITY...♥
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