What did mj mean in his song they don't care about us?

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What did mj mean in his song they don't care about us?

Postby Francis [Bot] » Feb 17, 2012 5:52 pm

when he said skin head dead head, everybody gone bad - situation speculation in the suit on the news everybody dog food;

i didn't think much to it until i saw him reverse a cultist handsign reverse it upside down put it up against his crotch and starts dry humping the air;

the symbol was the all seeing eye - you know make a pyramid with your hands; to understand this the occult reverses symbolism to reverse the order of things, the cross, the swastika, the pentagram all have reversed satanic versions; the pyramid is making the eye of horus with your hands;
he reversed their own symbolism and put it on his crotch;
a slap in the face to the illuminati if i ever saw one;

otherwise i'd take no meaning to what's said in the song,
what message do you think he was trying to leave us?
"hard to believe this is the land from which i came, i was promised free liberty, i really hate to say it but if martin luther was livin he wouldn't let this be no no" - i could see this as an anti black oppression movement, except for the dog food quote, and the reversed illuminati - (****** you occult) handsigns he made;
also at the end he uses sign language to say freemasons will be thrown in hell - it's blatant;
can anyone help me decypher this song, sung by a great man?
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