Facts about Michael`sFACESURGERIES!

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Facts about Michael`sFACESURGERIES!

Postby Eva » Nov 08, 2012 5:49 pm

Some of external factors wich influenced his apperance:

Michael Jackson feeling ugly, Plastic Surgerie And Bodydismorphic Disorder By lacienga

What we do know and what is often trivialized is any of those discussions is that: Michael suffered from two disfiguring diseases, vitiligo and lupus , the vitiligo resulted in loss of pigment in almost all areas of his body leaving his skin translucent and not white, and the physical manifestations of lupus resulted in hair loss, skin rashes and and skin lesions.

He also suffered from severe acne as a teenager which caused scarring and he suffered a third degree burn on his scalp in 1984, something with according to his autopsy report had never healed, leaving a permanent bald patch.
To compensate for his vitiligo he initially tried to use treatments like PUVA to restore his skin color, but after they failed it was only in1990, according to jury transcripts from 1994 , that he was prescribed creams to even out the reminder of his skin. On top of that, he had begun to wear the glove and long sleeved clothing and heavy make up to hide the visible parts of himself which were not evenly pigmented. Something many vitiligo suffers emphasize with doing.

As a result of his lupus and vitiligo he had his scalp, eyebrows,and eyelashes tattooed with dark pigment in order to disguise the recurring loss of hair and pigment in those areas. He also had treatments to his face to help restore the damage caused by his lupus lesions and rashes.

Initially with the burn, he attempted to have a "Balloon" inserted into his scalp in order to expand the skin there in the hopes of growing out the scar tissue, allowing hair to grow naturally there again, but after many attempts this failed. The mid 90s it seems he gave up and had to start using hair pieces and other wigs to disguise the loss of hair. It`s also reported that he would sometimes wear the fedora to disguise this lump ( Schwellung ) caused by the balloon on the back of his head,too.

With his NOSE, according to reports from a doctor for the District Attorney in 1993 who had looked over his medical records, it seems that his second nose job in 1983 had resulted in complications due to a flare up (aufflammen) he was suffering with his discoid (Scheibenförmig) lupus, which was undiagnosed at the time, and because lupus can cause skin in the areas involved to "die", especially with surgery, he had to have further reconstructive work there to fix it.

He seems to have keept much of his private bacause obviously most of this would have been embarrasing and traumatic to him, as they would be for the most other people.

These very real issues he had with his appearance wich were beyond his control were added to how he had been bullied and teased as a child by his father and family over his nose and appearance. This was further compounded by the media who publicly also teased, mocked and vilified (verleumdet) him over his appearance and how he was reluctant to seemingly just give them an extensive list of what he had done and why he had done it.
What we also know: ACCORDING TO THE AUTOPSY REPORT Michael`s nose had not "fallen off" and there is no evidence that it had ever fallen off.

He never had his EYES ALTERED , his LIPS THINNED or received CHEEK IMPLANTS.
We know most of this from a simple look at his family: Michael,Janet, La Toya, Paris and Blanket all have the same large doe eyes and all the Jackson family have the same cheekbones that Michael had.

He had go through so much with his appearance, under such scrutiny that it seems inevitable he would feel insecure and anxious about it.

I`m not shure if the media were satisfied in hearing him repeatedly state how unhappy he was with his physical appearance. On the one hand they would question why Michael didn`t feel good about his appearance, on the other they`d spend countless news articles, TV documentaries, interviews with doctors who`d never met him/ best friends who met him at a party once in the 80s, mocking and laughing about his appearance, especially his vitiligo.

So my biggest problem is not that people want to state Michael was unhappy with how he looked and that he likely suffered from a complex about it, but that they never seem to use this empathy with his plight in order to understand him better , instead only seeming to wish to use to vilify him further and erase what really happened to him .ex. "he had BODY DYSMORPHIC DISORDER and therefore this proves he had 100 NOSE JOBS; he hated how he looked, so this means he never really had vitiligo and just re- creationally bleached skin; he CHANGED absolutely EVERYTHING about his appearance, including his actual BONE STRUCTURE. I know that he did all this because we know he had those nose jobs it must mean he was willing to bleach his skin and reconstruct his entire face. "

Nobody ever chooses to discuss or commend him on how hard he fought to look "normal" and to keep this issues private. He chose to wear make up, glove tattoos, long sleeved clothing, hats, wigs, so that people wouldn`t have to see things about him that could make them feel sorry for him, but instead people use this as a means to condemn him."Well, why didn`t he just show us? Why didn`t he walk around half naked all times carrying his medical records so that I could see all these things going wrong with him for myself? Tha`ts the only way anyone could really know the truth about him. I really promise I wouldn`t just laugh at him again , and again , and again the way I did when he spoke about his other problems."

People also neglect to mention that illness like Body Dysmorphic Disorder are rooted in shame. Sufferers are ashamed about the aspect of themselves the hate, they are ashamed about what they to do disguise it, the are ashamed at having it brought to anyone`s attentation. So wondering why Michael wouldn`t address these issues while at the same time insisting he had this disorder shows that most people don`t wish to understand him, only to continue to label him. In the Ophrah and Bashir interview visibly distressed und uncomfortable when asked about his skin, his plastic surgery and the bullying about his looks. Even when he isn`t being filmed and is just on audio his voice grows faint as he talks about it. But people still seem to have wished he could have made himself utterly vulnerable for them, to feel humiliated and degraded (it doesn`t matter if people say he wouldn`t have been , he would have felt as if he were ) , just so people could satisfy their ideas about how and why he looked the way he did.

One of my favorite quotes about this was from , Tom Chindarella, in Esquire Magazine of all places:"I never liked the glove , when I saw this monstrous hand, I got it. And I admired what he`d done to cover it up. It was never clear to me if that hurt or not, but I imagine it did. Think about the beauty of that. Putting sequins on your wounds. Think about the entire world staring at the one thing that makes you feel most ugly?"

There are three different pictures , one which shows malar (Ausschlag am Wangenbein) another pic with a face who shows Lupus treatment Prednisone giving him a "Moon face"
und there is a pic shows Discoid Lupus Lesions. Those pic are well known.
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