Kim Kardashian attends Michael Jackson's Memorial

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Kim Kardashian attends Michael Jackson's Memorial

Postby kim_kardashian » Jun 27, 2009 6:40 pm

PRESS Release of the day comes from Kim Kardashian’s website handlers at Buzz Media who email Anorak to tell us that the internet sex star “took to her blog this morning to talk about Michael Jackson’s Memorial which she attended with her family”.

It was, like, totally, the best funeral ev-er!

The Michael Jackson memorial was the most touching memorial I have ever been to.

But more on trend than Armistice Day and Princess Diana’s funeral only had Elton John. Lame-o.

I think the entire Staples Center started crying when Michael’s daughter Paris spoke on stage. She really wanted to say some words about her father and I think it was very courageous and brave for an 11 year old to speak in front of so many people.

And - hey guys – “Hope you can include in your news today with a credit link to Kim’s site”.

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