Good bye Michael.....

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Good bye Michael.....

Postby hasan » Jul 08, 2009 8:08 am

I'm Hasan from Syria, I can't believe that Michael is gone.
Michael is very important part of my childhood memories, I can't stop listening "bad" and " Billie Jean ", in addition to his very old songs which published before my birth like (dynamite, escape from the planet). I remember how I kept in my mind his songs before I learnt English, and how I was saved my money just to buy his albums which I kept them all till now.
I remember the liar rumor about him that says Michael hates the Arabs and Muslims, and that he said: (if my hand is Arabic I'll cut it), I didn't believe that because Michael was very far away from racism and hate.
King of pop…. we love you here in Syria very much, and we very sad to lose you.
Michael I'm writing these words and crying, I dreamt that I met you many times, and my great dream was to attend one of your parties, or meet you face to face and tell you that you have a lot of fans in my country, and we'll never believe any rumor that harm your reputation, because we know that fruitful tree always be threw by stones.
I love you Michael, I hope you find peace, I'll never forget you my best childhood and teenage friend….
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