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A Blog where you can find the thruth about Michael Jackson

Postby Eva » Mar 21, 2012 4:40 pm

As supporters of Michael Jackson, we can sometimes be viewed as fans who are "fanatical," "crazy," "rabid" or any number of names in reference to our admiration of Michael. We have all probably been in situations where we must defend him against all manner of insults, accusations, ignorance and lies. In particular, we must defend him against false
allegations of child molestation. While the media as a whole was cruel, lazy and ratings hungry in regard to Michael Jackson, there are journalists and legal analysts that fairly reported on the trial and the accusations. We need to be aware of these fair reports so that we are armed with more than our absolute conviction that Michael is innocent so we may more credibly defend him to others.
In January of 2012, MJ Truth Now highlighted just a few of thousands of informative websites for information about Michael Jackson. One of the sites mentioned was "Vindicating Michael." The contributors to this blog explain the blog's mission in this way:
It is an "attempt to vivisect lies about Michael and clear his name of all the dirt thrown at him in such a ruthless and shameless way. This blog is also a kind of Michael's memorabilia with all sorts of facts, evidences, testimonies, observations and opinions about him collected from various sources and provided by different people many of whom have come to appreciate this pure and innocent guy only after his untimely death."
You can learn more about this blog's purpose and its contributors at:
One of the best aspects of this site is that through its blogs, "Vindicating Michael" is serving as an archive of useful links to aid in the credible defense of Michael Jackson.
Of particular note is a blog that was published on the "Vindicating Michael" site in early March of 2012 entitled, "You Don't Have to Be A "Crazy, Rabid Fan" To Know That Michael Jackson Was Innocent." The reason this blog is noteworthy is that there are so many links provided all in one place to articles by journalists and legal analysts who were fair and continue to be fair to Michael Jackson. There are links to the work of Aphrodite Jones, Mary Fischer, Charles Thomson, Matt Drudge, Joe Vogel, Mike Taibbi, Sean Chi, Deborah Ffrench and more.
http://vindicatemj.wordpress.com/2012/0 ... -innocent/
Of course, there are also links to many credible resources on the MJ Truth Now website as well. We will continue to provide information that can be helpful in your discussions with others about Michael
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