"My friend Michael" Frank Cascio is a big traitor

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"My friend Michael" Frank Cascio is a big traitor

Postby Eva » Apr 09, 2012 1:05 pm

To the Book “My friend Michael Jackson an extraordinary friendship….”

The depiction of Michael Jackson is presented as a completely different person . This presentation displays a drug addicted paranoid person who is a furious initiator for children to destroy the hotel suit . Frank Cascio described a childish men on the children have to pay attention, a man who harass his own staff at night . It was told that Michael Jackson was Not married in love and he never could be a loving husband , not able to led his business plans etc.

All that ugly stuff is simply plagiarized of the media and tabloids enclosing of some experiences and adventures .

The fact is: Michael never destroyed a hotel suite as he was on “Dangerous tour” it never was said kids have to pay attention to Michael . Once he got furious in case of the Arvizo allegation . Only once he smashed items of glass on the floor at the hotel suite. The whole family and Dieter Weiser Michaels former manager accompanied Michael to comfort and support him in this difficult situation.

The fact is Michael Jackson was to bully far away to harass the staff at night. He mostly made his business at night when all the staff were gone, there were responsible people to making her job witch they were highly paid.

Michael married Lisa Marie truly in love because we know him as an sincere sensitive human being, not to restore his image after accusation . These were typical assertions of the press.

I feel if Michael Jackson could have married to a woman who would commit him some inspiration impressions and understanding to his sensitive feelings he would have been the happiest man on this planet and we could still have him. Sorry, but Lisa would have to educate Michael how it fits to her , but Michael loved her .

Further Michael was a clever businessman He always was focused and aware of business and charity projects. Michael was all the time in healthy mind, and never he was paranoid.

There were certainly many doctors described medicine that would have been not necessary. Although Michael never was an addict. The only problem he had , he had to dance and perform and he had a lot of physical aching’s and circumstances to get through unthinkable to sleep consistently to be fit on stage. Could anybody deal and manage ?

Michaels fan base knows that Michael hated to take propofol and all that stuff, he was in big despair . When Michael wasn`t on tour he refused sedatives. He used painkillers only if they were necessary. It`s a slander to make an assertion Michael gave Cascio strong medicine to a sprain leg. We know that Michael preferred to meditate when it comes to any distress

Cascio tells in his story the he used to smoke pot and tended often to smoke a joint next to Michael. Cascio claimed that Michael smoked once in his live pot. First is it unquestionable not true , Michael would kick him in his A… if he had seen him with that stuff. second I believe Michael words when he said “I never taste any drugs neither pot or any other drugs, I`m not interested to try anything of them I swear this by God and my life , when I want to get clear headed I`d love to take a walk on the beach or I`m surrounded with children “ I believe in Michaels words and not in this malicious slander. Further boasted Cascio about excessive alcohol parties and mentioned Michael the same although he is far thereof .

I`ve found a hug punch of lies, this Story is a big treason to Michael, shame to this author, Michael raised him as Cascio was at age 5 Michael had so much good done for the Cascio brothers .

Its an untrue assertion Michael would avoid especially Jermaine and it´s rubbish to claim the Sony debate was Michaels blame. Michael insist for justice and fairness between the record level and the artists. That’s a well known fact.

Michael can`t fight against, if he would know he would turn around the grave. I fear the press paid bribes to write the book in according to their taste.

I Refused to end this book and threw it into the garbage.
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